For the sake of seeming perfect, we hide our imperfections like a pirate hides his gold. The unfortunate consequence to this is that we feel all alone. It's time to change that. So here is mylife-honestly. FYI: I have opinions, but I also love hearing others' opinions too. It's called learning from each other for heaven's sake. When did we stop doing that too? FYI-2: I don't swear, but I do plan on being honest. This blog isn't for the faint-hearted.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What happened to us adults?

I was talking to a friend of mine and I feel the need to ignore my homework and write this post. No naming names, but you know who you are! :)

If you have kids you know what I am talking about when I say kids talk from the heart. Sometimes, at the embarrassment of their parents, but they talk from the heart nonetheless. They are exploring life. They are interested and want to learn, even if it is to know "Is that man pregnant?" or "Why is that person's skin so dark?" I even remember myself wondering the first question as a kid. I wasn't being mean. I just didn't understand. Even if you don't have kids, this applies to us all.

What happened to us as adults? When did we become afraid to show the world what we think and what we have to say? I just have to say...I hate the word embarrassment. Embarrassment just means there is judgement at the other end. Whether others are judging us or we are judging ourselves, either way, embarrassment stinks! Is it like I really meant to walk into the men's room at a movie theatre on purpose when I was 18? No, but luckily I've made my way to now thinking it is absolutely hilarious. Yes, half way in before I realized it and it was busy.

Embarrassment and judgement. I don't like either word. Embarrassment prevents us from sharing of ourselves and judgement prevents us from learning about others. And, if we do either, we run the risk of not growing as individuals.

So can we make a pact? Share with each other more. Learn from our mistakes instead of judging ourselves. And PLEASE, take a moment before you judge someone else. Not only may you not know the whole situation but, just think...when you judge you play a part in preventing someone from sharing who they are.

And to my friend who inspired this post and who is thinking about creating a blog, but not quite sure, create that blog! as a little child and let your light so shine.


  1. Nichol. I really enjoyed your article. It forced me to think about my self. How often I feel embarrassed because of my English language accent and skills.
    Thank you, your thoughts really inspired me...Keep writing you are very good at it.